Under the strategy and direction of Sage Growth Partners, we were hired to create a new visual identity and standards for this leader in Remote Patient Monitoring.



Sage Growth Partners asked us to partner up and revitalize the Rhythm Brand Identity. Rhythm is a product — and a service — that implements and manages Remote Patient Monitoring systems throughout the US. The challenge was to better solidify its positioning in the RPM space as the undisputed leader in customer service, technology and ease of adoption.


The Rhythm ‘heart’ logo was reimagined so that it better reflected the brand name by way of rhythmic graphic movement which also felt positive and directional. A visual system was created to drive home the notion of a personable, caring company with a strong technological edge. A new color palette, photographic and icon system were built to set a friendlier, human tone throughout the identity. The new site went on to win a 2022 Outstanding Website Award with Webawards.


  • Logo
  • Website Design
  • Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines