J-Heier Farms

This artisan berry farmer and jam maker from the Sutter Buttes came to us for a rebrand that reflected the purity and small batch quality in its products.



John Heier, a fourth generation farmer, has been growing prunes and walnuts since 1990. After years of watching wild blackberries flourish around his farm, John experimented with growing blackberries on a small scale. In the fall of 2009, John decided to plant a quarter of an acre to test different varieties of blackberries. Following great success, he planted another acre and a half of blackberries in 2011. With the help of his daughters, Marie and Emily, John soon yielded six varietals of blackberries on two acres. It came time to wrap an official brand around it all.


Our strategic approach with J-Heier was all about simplicity and elegance. Because it was a small business and efficiency was critical, we developed a universal labeling system wherein specific product-type, flavor, varietal and made-by-date could be handwritten in designated fields. The overall palette was white accented the color of their signature blackberry.


  • Logo
  • Packaging Label system
  • Web Design
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