We rebranded this Bay Area granola favorite with an active lifestyle theme, a vibrant look, and extended it into new product lines.



Ladera’s name comes from a small hillside community at the base of the Santa Cruz mountain range in Northern California. That’s where its original granola recipe was created, in the kitchen of Karen Butterfield, a Stanford-trained medical doctor and mother of company founder, Brian. After a couple of underperforming iterations of the granola brand, and visions of new product lines, Ladera decided it was time for the big leagues.


Our strategic approach with Ladera was to really run with the name, the hillside theme, and the company’s desire to push active lifestyle. Hills became an integral part of the theme. Artful and conceptual illustrative compositions would become a beautiful system based on outdoor activities and humorous surprises. The themeline ‘Climb Higher’ was born to reinforce the idea in messaging. And an entirely fresh approach to photography was devised to complement the new ID and heighten appetite appeal.


  • Logo color change
  • Tagline
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Print Collateral