We see good design as a duty. It not only helps sell products; it shapes our culture. If there must be tons of brands at work out there, they should look good doing it.

At The Engine Room, we involve ourselves with products and services in which we see promise and potential. Although design is a critical component to a great brand, it can’t do all the heavy lifting. For a brand to be successful amidst the flood of products on the shelves today, the brand needs a soul. By soul, we mean a great idea that’s different… and it’s important for that difference to be relevant. All forces of the branding effort should be in healthy working order. The idea, the product, the words, the people and the design around it. If the brand’s body and soul are in good shape, we’ll make sure it’s well-groomed.

If design was predictable, it wouldn't be as exciting. Although our creative process embarks on a defined track, we remain open to unforeseeable possibilities along the way. This is usually where great things happen.


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the engine room is a multidisci - plinary design firm that develops brand identity materials for both b2c and b2b businesses.

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