Inspired by the tastebud-tickling flavors of Asia, Snapdragon noodles, ramen and more is food for bold tastes. So it needed a revitalized image just as strong.



Snapdragon Ramen was always about flavor profiles that checked all tastebud boxes. But the only box unchecked were the boxes themselves. So as the company began to plan product and line extensions, they dialed up The Engine Room to breathe some needed fire into its brand look and feel.


We all agreed that the logo itself had solid equity and was rather cool to look at. Unlike most logos, it happened to be one of those marks that got cooler as it got bigger. So we devised a system that could afford quality real estate for the logo, but still plenty of room to clearly communicate the product and its key attributes. The result was an exciting, vibrant identity system that Snapdragon could wear proudly.


  • System Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • Print Collateral