A different kind of look for a different kind of place. A restaurant & bar with SF’s largest selection of Mezcal.



The restaurant group AMG (Andalé Management Group) has been a long-time client of ours. Focusing primarily on the airport venue in recent years, AMG wanted to take it back to the streets with a Oaxacan style place and a huge mezcal selection. The ask was pure fun. Just be creative, be different, be Oaxacan, and push mezcal somehow.


We took a bottle of mezcal and did what you’re supposed to do with it. We tipped it over. After we tipped it over, we scuffed it up and then scuffed it up some more. The Mezcalito type style was hand drawn to match the cut-out nature of the rest of the mark. This was all aimed at nicely contrasting with what is a gorgeously curated space, rich in repurposed leather, rusted metal and reclaimed wood. To top it all off, we asked awesome Bay Area mural artist, Brian Barncelo, to create the exterior mural.


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