ABD is a full-service brokerage and consulting firm from insurance to M&A consult to employee benefits. We worked with them to reimagine their identity and developed formal standards to guide all visual communications.



As a multi-practice, national brokerage, ABD is a large employee owned business that’s always prided itself in being a little different. More progressive, more fun, more engaging and more experienced than any like competitor. Its on and offline marketing materials were extensive; and much of it was produced in-house and by multiple agencies. When ABD came to us, the brand needed a definitive theme and an organized way to roll it out.


We started by working with ABD to define that theme. The strategy called for something spirited, down to earth, and goal-focused. An expansive system of hero images was created that combined people photography with hand-drawn conceptual images. It ended up being that ‘something extra’ ABD was looking for so that look would drive all else. We then mapped out the visual system across touchpoints and once it got the thumbs-up, we developed an extensive Corporate Standards Manual that laid down all the guidelines and templates for material development.


  • Corporate Standards
  • Web Design
  • Print Collateral
  • Iconography
  • Email Banners