The American Academy of Ophthalmology required a standards update and an expansion of its brand playbook.



The American Academy of Ophthalmology underwent a comprehensive brand update a few years prior to this exercise and the organization was happy with the results. After the identity and standards were put to use, over time the AAO found the guidelines and elements were too limiting and felt the need bring more options, dynamics and versatility to it all.


The core identity was based on the idea of focus. The circular logo icon, called the Focus Icon, was to remain as is. The supporting visual vocabulary of circular, focus elements was also to be retained, but its style and treatment reimagined. What became of this clean yet rather static look, was a richer, deeper and more dynamic sensibility. Colors overlapped and created new colors. Photography was liberated from its circular framework, and new design elements were introduced to assist readability and function.


  • Corporate Standards Update
  • Collateral Design
  • Digital Ad Design