• Behind the Identity.
  • The critical ingredient in great design
  • is being human.

  • Dave Braden


    Dave has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art & Design from Humboldt State Univerity in 1995. It was here amid the serene Redwood backdrop where his love for design was cemented and it is here where he met his business partner, Mike. Dave's work has been recognized by virtually all major design publications across the US and beyond.

    Most important, his work is focused on reaching the happy balance of aesthetic beauty and brands that sell. Dave has a soft spot for taking small brands and seeing them blossom. He currently resides in Oakland with his wife and daughter and enjoys endurance sports to unwind.

  • Mike Cotsifas


    Mike received his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art & Design at Humboldt State Univerity in 1994. Here, as a young designer, he brought a new level of design to the local businesses and quickly made a mark. Mike has since received awards from virtually all major design publications that we know today.

    His strength in Brand Identity centers around a knack to solve and sucessfully manage large design systems. He is tireless in his effort to exceed project goals and this quality has formed TER's mantra today. Mike lives in Marin with his wife and daughter and enjoys Mt. Tam and the celestial landscape.

  • Vicki Tu

    Production Artist

    Vicki received her Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley in 2010, where she graduated with honors. These architectural underpinnings have helped give Vicki a unique ability to understand and streamline complex design production issues.

    Prior to joining TER, Vicki worked at PureRed, where she was responsible for print production on large brands such as Safeway, Grocery Outlet and OSH. Her meticulous work today helps brands like Aidells, Sonoma Gourmet and Sukhi's hit the shelves quickly and flawlessly. Vicki is a Bay Area native and currently lives in Milbrae.

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